Alexander Graham Bell’s Bio-Graphy for School Projects

                              Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 3rd March,1847. His father was professor Alexander Melville Bell, and his mother was Eliza Grace. For his 11th birthday, his father allowed him to adopt the name “GRAHAM”, chosen out of respect for Alexander Graham. Alexander was a Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, Innovator and Teacher of the deaf.

                             At the age of 12 years, Alexander Graham bell invented a farming device for his friend’s father. In 1872, Graham Bell founded a school in Boston to train teachers of the deaf later the school subsequently became part of Boston University. In 1873, he appointed professor as vocal physiology.

                            Alexander Graham Bell is most well known for inventing the “Telephone”, for which he received his first patent in 1876.In 1880, Graham Bell was awarded the French Volta prize for his invention there he continued experiments in communication, medical research   and techniques for teaching speech to the deaf. In 1885, he also founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

                            Alexander Graham Bell was one of the founding members of National Geography Society in 1888 and in 1896, he elected as its president. Bell himself considered his work with the deaf to be his most important contribution. Graham Bell received Albert Medal in 1902, John Fritz Medal in 1907, Elliott Cresson Medal in 1912. Alexander Graham bell died on 2nd August, 1922 at the age of 75 years.







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